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  • COLLOQUY Wearables Webinar
    COLLOQUY editor-in-chief Jeff Berry and Melissa Fruend of LoyaltyOne Consulting discuss how to combine wearable technology with a customer-centric frame of mind to generate greater revenues. They also share insights from a recent COLLOQUY report that measured levels of consumers awareness and excitement about wearables.
  • LoyaltyOne's Jeff Berry at the COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit
    LoyaltyOne's Jeff Berry discusses the ever-changing loyalty landscape and new research from COLLOQUY at the Loyalty Summit.
  • Daniel Pink at the COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit
    Author and speaker Daniel Pink shares his insights about the new age of selling and inspiring loyalty at the COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit.
  • Walgreens at the COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit
    David Zychinski, Mindy Heintskill and Kelly Smolinski of Walgreens explain how a philosophy based on constant innovation guides the development of the Balance Rewards program.